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IoD South Online - Developing an Inclusion Learning Mindset

19 Jan 2021
Online webinar, Online
The days of command-and-control leadership are long gone; leaders must now focus their energy on building relationships, leading from the middle, and connecting their people with values regardless of their backgrounds and social categorisations. The Developing an Inclusion Learning Mindset Workshop equips attendees with the skills to build more inclusion and belonging into day-to-day practice and as a result increase collaboration, innovation, and overall team effectiveness.

Key details

Date & time: 19 Jan 2021 10:00 - 11:00
Location: Online webinar, Online
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Event manager:
Mrs Juliet Rushent
Contact phone:
07786 261920
This highly interactive workshop is designed for leaders who wish to gain the intelligence, awareness, skill, and confidence to lead a rapidly evolving, diverse, and often complex workplace. Our focus goes beyond managing bias, to the practical steps towards more inclusion and inclusive participation in teams. We also focus on how inclusion enables diversity, moving attendees away from tokenism and selection for appearance to truly maturing the inclusion outlook, and developing an appetite for the difference.

Attendees will gain a deep understanding of the role of leadership in the current landscape and the opportunities and challenges for leaders to leverage diversity for business growth, workforce development and promoting social inclusion within their organisations.

What You Will Learn

•    A clear understanding of inclusion as a leadership practice
•    A mature understanding of the role of servant and courageous leadership,  
     emotional intelligence psychological safety and listening in promoting inclusion
•    Practical steps to use from day one to manage and lead more inclusivity.



  Lead Associate, Inclusivitii, International D and I Specialist and
  Founder, The Sister Sister Global Network

  Aduke is an international leadership and inclusion specialist and
  coach who travels the world, speaking to audiences about
  practical ways to learn and improve inclusion, diversity and

With a clear focus on embedding diversity and inclusion across organisational levels and a unique ability to provide psychological safety for learning around complex and sensitive themes as well as scholarly expertise from Yale and University of Oxford and extensive D and I experience in global organisations.

Aduke is also an award-winning social entrepreneur through her work as the founder of The Sister Sister Global Network - a registered social-enterprise contributing to women's empowerment through the provision of accessible empowering leadership and personal development programmes curated for women at different stages of their leadership journeys.

In 2020, Aduke was appointed Head of Women’s Empowerment at The International Youth Federation to oversee global gender programmes. Aduke is currently writing her first book, The Act of Inclusion and writes regular columns for Business Insider on Inclusion.



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