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IoD South Webinar: “Virtual team working in the post-Covid world”

23 Sep 2020
Online webinar, Online
There is no doubt that business, commerce, and the workplace will all change as we learn how to deal with the current pandemic, and perhaps others that may be on the horizon. 

As Directors, Business owners or Business Leaders, these changes will have an impact on how teams work.

Amongst the various factors to be considered will be the impact on the use of  Information Technology.

In this webinar, Matthew Reynolds, founder of It’s What’s Next IT, takes a look at some of the common issues for SMEs and will answer your questions on how to prepare yourself and your organisation for working in the post-Covid era. 

Topics to be covered include:

• The J curve – taking a look at how efficiency evolves
• Cloud-agility and remote-first businesses – how to design and manage a business where the office is a base, not the “be all and end all”
• Leaning into analytics and KPIs – how can we do more with the information that we have in our organisations
• Security, privacy, and business continuity – how to stay safe when our “office walls” are virtual
• Five key takeaways for the Office of 2022 – tips and tricks for staying lean and agile for an elegant landing in the Summer of 2022

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Date & time: 23 Sep 2020 10:00 - 11:00
Location: Online webinar, Online
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Ms Polly Buckley
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