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IoD NI: Directors - what's your brand worth? Webinar

26 May 2020
Online webinar, Online
Company directors have many competing pressures to juggle, but unless there is an immediate crisis, the topic of brand doesn’t generally reach the board agenda.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the term “brand”, with many directors thinking of it as simply the visual identity or logo, or the work of the marketing team, and not as a core responsibility of the board.

However, as a company director, one of your seven legal responsibilities is to promote the success of the company – the interests of your employees, business relationships with suppliers, customers and others, the company’s impact on the environment and community and its reputation for high standards of business conduct.

While brand is an intangible asset, it encompasses all of the above; brand is important in gaining and retaining customers, it contributes to turnover and, being intrinsic to company culture, it’s the key to attracting the best talent. It represents a huge value for the company and therefore should be on every board agenda – and should have investment in it protected.

This webinar will set out the main points you and your board should be considering, especially in light of the impact of COVID-19. It will equip you with the questions to be discussed at a board level to ensure a better understanding of your corporate brand and how best to manage it for long-term business success.

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Date & time: 26 May 2020 12:15 - 13:00
Location: Online webinar, Online
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Event Manager Chelsea Brennan
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