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IoD Advance Insight Webinar: How to develop your own inspiring Leadership Philosophy

25 Feb 2020
Institute of Directors, London

Insight Webinars – run by members, for members – are designed to enable you to explore a key topic, grow your network and gain practical advice from experts within the Advance community. This webinar will be hosted by Priscilla Lee, an Advance technology entrepreneur in the yachting and luxury property industry.

What is a Personal Leadership Philosophy? 

This webinar is a snapshot of major ‘common sense philosophies’ that have influenced the great leaders of our time and beyond, from Machiavelli’s The Price, Cicero’s vision of the ideal ultra-effective Statesman, to Hobbes’ Moral Law, and Locke’s advocacy for freedom. 

Philosophy’s etymological roots lie in two Ancient Greek words: philo – loving, and sophia – wisdom. Literally translated, philosophy is a love of wisdom. Contrary to the general perception of philosophy as an ‘ivory tower subject’ it is in reality very relevant to the business world as “ a stupid leader is never a good idea” – Common Sense.

Explaining the philosopher’s basic principles in a nutshell, this webinar advocates leading with a clear mind, organised by a set of core ethics, before developing onto practical execution. It advocates that “a common sense understanding of philosophy can generate the leadership excellence, that can save the West from its current state of cultural and civilizational anarchy” – Peter A. Redpath, CEO of Aquinas School of Leadership.


Click 'Join Webinar' to join Priscilla at 1pm on Tuesday 25 February (if you can't attend this time, sign up anyway to receive a recording afterwards)

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Not an Advance member? You're more than welcome to tune in to experience our unique event formats. Please contact the Advance Community Team on 020 7766 8808 or at if you have any questions.

Key details

Date & time: 25 Feb 2020 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Institute of Directors, London
CPD Hours:

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No Charge.

Event manager:
Miss Anna Calderbank
Contact phone:
020 7766 8808
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Priscilla Lee
A technology entrepreneur in the yachting and luxury property industry.

Priscilla is an MBA Candidate after reading Law at the University of Warwick as the Hong Kong national representing Scholar of 2007. Her area of interest and business is industrials and entrepreneurship.

Her aim is to create synergy between expansion and retention by being an entrepreneur getting ready to take the reins in operating a legacy business in due time. She has been working for other businesses for over ten years prior to the MBA.



Prices from

No Charge.


  • Institute of Directors
  • 116 Pall Mall
  • London
  • SW1Y 5ED

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