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IoD Scotland - Governance in a Digital Era

03 Apr 2019
IoD Scotland, Edinburgh


In a world of fast evolving digital threat, Directors need to know, plan and test their governance responsibilities.

Protecting yourself as a Director is the first smart step. Join us for this half-day workshop to learn what’s changed in recent months, what you are accountable for, and actions you can take to minimise your personal risk.

It’s important too that you don’t see this as just an IT issue. People, process and procedure, which you govern cause the greatest risk.

A lack of understanding of your personal obligations is not an excuse in the eyes of the law. It’s your responsibility to know these obligations and to act on these. Think of Information Security and GDPR as today’s equivalent to Health & Safety regulations – you wouldn’t send one of your people up a ladder without suitable protection or risk assessment. If you did, and something went wrong, you would expect to be sanctioned for that. Well it’s the same for a loss of data and digital security breach.

It’s important too that you don’t see this as just an IT issue. Your business could invest heavily in protecting its IT systems from external attack, but in the final quarter of 2018 only 14% of breaches were cyber security related, whereas 50% were attributable to human error. It’s always good practice to ensure your IT infrastructure is secure, but this is also about people, processes and procedures for effective real world security.

You need to understand where your data assets are, and identify the risks. Having done so, you then need to take action to either remediate, accept or transfer that risk.

This workshop will educate you on these areas and include a COMPLIMNTARY person risk assessment.


Key details

Date & time: 03 Apr 2019 09:00 - 13:00
Location: IoD Scotland, Edinburgh
CPD Hours: 4.0000

Prices from

150.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate
195.00 GBP + VAT - Non Member Rate

Event manager:
Ms Avril Gall
Contact phone:
0131 557 5488

This half day (9-1) workshop addresses navigating board risk, compliance and security threats in today’s business world, all of which are significantly impacted by digital transformation and innovation projects

This workshop will

  • Take individual Board Directors through clarity on changes at the ICO which result in greater accountabilities of individual Directors and new legal accountabilities
  • Educate and inform on myths and misunderstandings that are resulting in ICO fines
  • Equip you with knowledge to evaluate if IT and Marketing teams are fully informed and compliant
  • Enable you to better assess risk levels for you and your organisation in the future 



Current overview of the emerging threat landscape 

  • New legal accountabilities & fiduciary obligations on Directors

  • Directors’ personal liabilities

  • Conflict of interest for Directors, identifying and handling them

  • Company indemnities to Directors, and limitations on their benefits

  • Reminders re D&O insurance cover, what it is and what is unlikely to be covered

  • Myth busting 

    • The IT Guy & The Marketing Department
    • Outsourcing
    • ICO
    • Cyber
  •  Hidden risk and how to educate your board 
  • How to navigate impact for your organisation 
    • The 7 Principles of GDPR
    • Quantifying reputational loss
    • Director’s Self-Assessment



    Debra Cairns leads the GRC specialist team, which is part of UK wide award-winning security company, Net Defence

    Net Defence provides security, secure IT, GRC, secure telecoms and investigations consultancy, education and audit services globally. It is part of  the Scottish founded, third generation family business, Ogilvie Group. Clients include UK wide businesses, third sector and public-sector organisations, company directors, boards, marketing teams, IT teams, export teams and Law Enforcement Agencies in the UK and USA.

    Fiona Davidson is part of the professional indemnity team at Burness Paull LLP and has experience working with corporate clients, funds, major insurers, charities and the public sector including providing advice to boards on governance and risk management. 

    Burness Paull is one of the largest, independent Scottish commercial law firms. With 68 partners, over 320 lawyers, and offices in Scotland’s three largest cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. The firm is resourced in every sector important to the Scottish economy - public sector, financial services, banks, private equity, property & infrastructure, food & drink, oil & gas. Practice areas include corporate finance, technology and commercial, banking and funds, property, planning, construction & projects, health & safety, employment & pensions and dispute resolution.



    Prices from

    150.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate
    195.00 GBP + VAT - Non Member Rate


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    • IoD Scotland
    • 10 Charlotte Square
    • Edinburgh
    • EH2 4DR

    0131 557 5488

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