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Policy Event

Navigating Brexit - Unpicking Data Flows for Business

25 Apr 2018
Institute of Directors, London

The Institute of Directors would like to invite you to join us at the fifth instalment of its popular “Navigating Brexit” series. This event focuses on how data flows will feature in negotiations between the UK and EU and what kind of regulatory regime could emerge for businesses and organisations managing personal data in the UK after Brexit.

Bringing together regulators, industry experts, leading UK politicians and former EU trade officials, this event will firstly discuss the negotiating options available for the UK Government and the EU in agreeing new provisions for a cross-border regulatory framework for managing data flows.

It will then outline the consequences of different scenarios/outcomes for businesses in these industries, and conclude with a focus on practical measures that firms should be taking to identify their exposure to Brexit in this area as well as mitigating strategies. Given data is increasingly lifeblood of trade enterprise in the UK, and the impending arrival for all companies of GDPR, this session will be important for a range of sectors beyond just those in the ICT space.

Issues being tackled at this event will include:

  • Whether an adequacy assessment by the EU is the right and sufficient tool for maintaining equivalence in data protection regimes and securing access to the EU market

  • What the likely criteria the EU will set out for the UK to achieve an adequacy assessment

  • How the future development of the UK and EU regimes for managing personal data and regulating data flows could impact on businesses’ continued access to each other’s markets

  • Examining the intersection between data protection regulation and negotiating on data flows in trade agreements

  • Whether companies based in the UK should rely on an adequacy assessment to ensure their ability to transfer data to and from the EU

  • What contingency measures businesses should be looking at on the basis that an adequacy assessment may not be granted by the EU

  • The different ways in which data flows to/from the EU are managed with third countries that do not have an adequacy assessment, and the impact on EU access as well as how businesses trading with/in the EU deal with this

  • What kind of continued future cooperation between the UK and EU on data flows would be desirable and feasible

To view a roundup of our most recent “Navigating Brexit” event on life sciences and chemicals, click here.

This event follows the IoD's recently published reports into Brexit, authored by Allie Renison, Head of Europe and Trade Policy at the IoD. Please register early to ensure your attendance.

Key details

Date & time: 25 Apr 2018 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Institute of Directors, London
CPD Hours:

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Event manager:
Policy Operations Manager Lucy Harvie-Austin
Contact phone:
0207 451 3289


Panel Chair: Allie Renison - Head of Europe and Trade, Institute of DirectorsAllie Renison

Devising recommendations and representing the voice of members on EU reform matters and helping to provide the link between business and Government on increasing international trade. She also routinely provides advocacy for the IoD on a range of regulatory issues in Brussels.

She was previously Research Director at Business for Britain, the campaign focused on renegotiating the UK's relationship with the EU. Prior to that, she advised a number of parliamentarians in both Houses on EU legislative issues, with a particular focus on trade and employment policy areas.

Allie holds a Master’s Degree in the political economy of emerging economies in the post-Soviet space.

Shanker Singham - Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit, Institute of Economic AffairsShanker Singham

Shanker is the Director of the International Trade and Competition Unit (ITCU) of the Institute of Economic Affairs. The ITCU is focused on providing advice to the UK government, industry and media on the Brexit negotiations, among other trade policy issues. As one of the world’s leading trade and competition lawyers, he has worked on the privatisation of the UK electricity market, the transition of the Soviet, Central and Eastern European economies and the apertura in Latin America. He has worked on the accession of Poland and Hungary to the EU, the WTO accessions of a number of countries, including China and Russia.

Shanker was educated at St. Paul’s School, London and has an M.A in Chemistry from Balliol College, Oxford University and postgraduate legal degrees in both the UK and US.

Vicky Ford - Member of Parliament (MP) for Chelmsford, member of the Science and Technology Select Committee, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Information Communication and Technology, Chair of the Conservative Backbench Policy Committee on BrexitVicky Ford

Vicky was elected as the Member of Parliament for Chelmsford in 2017. In addition to the above roles, she chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Rare Diseases. .

Vicky was a Member of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2017. She chaired the European Parliament Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee (IMCO), one of the most powerful economic committees of the Parliament. As well as spearheading digital policy and single market reforms to boost trade, she led the negotiations to end mobile roaming charges and changes to European gun laws after the Paris terrorist attacks. Vicky was ranked in the top 10 most influential MEPs in Europe by Politico magazine.

During her time as an MEP Vicky also led negotiations on banking reform in the aftermath of the financial crisis, on budgetary reforms for Eurozone countries and helped establish a €80 billion Horizon fund for science and research. This brought over £500 million into the East of England.

Prior to becoming involved in politics, Vicky was a managing director of a major international bank.

Vicky was born and grew up in Northern Ireland. She read Maths and Economics at Trinity College, Cambridge where she met her husband Hugo, who is a cancer specialist.

Hosuk Lee-Makiyama - Director, European Centre for International Political EconomyHosuk Lee-Makiyama

Hosuk is the Director of European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE) and a leading author on trade diplomacy, EU-Far East relations and the digital economy.

He is regularly consulted by governments and international organisations on a range of issues, from trade negotiations to economic reforms. He appears regularly in European, Chinese and US media, and is noted for his involvement in WTO and major free trade agreements. He was also named “One of the 20 most influential people for open internet” by the readers of the Guardian UK in 2012. He was the first author to argue for a WTO case on internet censorship in China.

Prior to joining ECIPE, he was an independent counsel on regulatory affairs, competition and communication, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representative of Sweden and the EU member states towards the WTO and the UN, including WIPO and UNECE. Lee-Makiyama is also a Fellow at the department International Relations at the London School of Economics, and currently shares his time between LSE and ECIPE.

Giles Derrington - Head of Policy: Brexit, International and Economics, techUKGiles Derrington

Giles is the Head of Policy: Brexit, International and Economics. He works with members and policy makers across Whitehall to ensure that the needs of the tech sector are front and centre of the Government’s negotiations with the European Union as the UK prepares to leave the EU, and that UK tech thrives post-Brexit.

Prior to working for techUK Giles spent nearly a decade working in Westminster politics. He was the senior adviser to the Liberal Democrats on Treasury, Business and Welfare, as well as heading up the Party’s team of advisers post the 2015 General Election. He was previously the Co-Head of the Liberal Democrat Whips’ Office in the House of Lords and the Lords’ Senior Legislative Adviser, as well as holding various roles for MPs and MEPs both in opposition and during the Coalition Government.

Giles holds an LLB in Law with European Legal Systems from the University of East Anglia. Outside of work his interests are stand-up, theatre and film.



Prices from

0.00 GBP + VAT - Member Rate
20.00 GBP + VAT - Non-member Rate

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