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Productivity & growth

Macroeconomic policy plays a crucial role in shaping the business environment. The IoD calls for fiscal and monetary policy regimes that bring stability to the economy, in order to support the ambitions of entrepreneurs and directors leading corporations of all sizes. We also encourage policymakers to enhance the nation’s agility and productivity to secure long-term economic growth prospects, by delivering an industrial strategy that sustains the competitiveness of the UK’s regions and businesses in the face of global, demographic, and technological change.

We achieve this by working closely with our members, particularly through economic conditions surveys, alongside obtaining insights from policymakers, academics, and business leaders from across the country. This allow us to support and champion the pivotal role of directors – and their businesses – in the economy via research reports, media outputs, and parliamentary engagements on pressing macroeconomic issues.

Lifting the Long Tail: The productivity challenge through the eyes of small business leaders

This report outlines the productivity challenge and makes a set of fresh recommendations to improve the take-up of best practice by SMEs, including a new integrated business support framework, targeted financial incentives to drive investment, and a bespoke approach to boosting management and leadership skills.

Read the report here

Balancing UK Productivity and Agility

Demographic trends, technological changes and the UK’s strong employment record since the financial crisis have all brought the ‘productivity puzzle’ into sharper relief in recent years. But focusing solely on how to increase output per hour could be have a limited impact.

Read the report here

Driving regional growth

The gap between our most and least prosperous regions is striking; the gap between cities and their hinterlands, in some cases, is equally concerning. The most important thing to do is to invest in the fundamentals – embedding skills, upgrading infrastructure, creating a positive business environment. But there is more that can be done, too. Read the report here.

Read the report here


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