Get started with the IoD Academy

Welcome to the IoD's new learning and development platform, built to replace the Learning Zone and offer exciting new features for members and non-members.

To access the IoD Academy, you will need to log in with your IoD account – your Learning Zone username and password are no longer required. Your IoD account is the one that you use to log in to and If you are having any trouble logging in, the following links should help:

Get a username reminder
Reset your password

If you are still unable to log in or do not have an IoD account, please contact the support team at

Find course materials

Log in to the Academy with your IoD account and go to Learn > Courses. All the courses you have booked appear under the 'My Courses' section at the top; click 'View' to access the course content. All courses you have not yet booked appear under the 'All Courses' section below, and you can click 'View & Book' to view the available course dates and begin your booking journey.

If you have booked a Certificate or Diploma exam then you will be able to find your exam preparation resources – including multiple-choice questions and webinars – inside the relevant course area. Just open the 'Exam preparation' post from the list on the left to get started.

Explore CPD content

If you are an IoD Member, you will also have access to a range of new CPD content – including videos, podcasts and more – that is published every week. You will also have access to a self assessment tool, which can help you focus your learning, and a CPD Tracker that makes capturing your continual professional development simple.

Any non-member who books an IoD course will be given a free trial of the member-level access package, which includes full access to the CPD content and tools mentioned above. The trial will last for three months and you can choose to upgrade to full IoD membership at any time. Once your free trial expires, you will still be able to access the public-level CPD content on the Learn > Recommended page.

IoD Academy is also available on your iPhone or Android phone – just visit your app store and search "IoD Academy". If you are learning on your mobile device, you will be able to save CPD content to your device so that you can access it offline – perfect for turning your morning commute into a valuable learning opportunity.

Discover IoD membership

The IoD Academy is just the start of IoD membership – with knowledge sharing and networking events and courses all over the UK, plus free access to a wealth of business-focused resources and expertise, we provide IoD members with the tools they need to develop their businesses and become excellent directors. To find out more about our membership packages, head over to

If you have any questions about the IoD Academy, the Learning Zone or IoD membership, please get in touch with us at