Frequently asked questions

Technical (logging in, passwords, etc)

1. How do I log in to the IoD Academy?

 • Go to and click ‘Login’ on the top-right hand corner of the page
 • Enter the same username and password that you use to log in to (do not use your IoD Learning Zone details)
 • If you have not set up an account before or are not sure, please email and a registration link will be forwarded to you

2. What should I do if I have forgotten my username?

 • Go to and click the ‘Login’ button at the top-right corner of the page
 • The login page will open. Please click ‘Forgotten username’ (under the ‘Login’ box)
 • You will need to enter your surname and email address to request a username reminder
 • You will be emailed a username
 • If you do not receive this email, please contact:
 • Note – please don’t register another account as this could cause access problems

3. What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

 • Go to and click the ‘Login’ button at the top-right corner of the page
 • The login page will open. Please click ‘Forgotten password’ (under the ‘Login’ box)
 • You will need to enter your username to request a new password
 • You will be emailed a password reset link
 • If you do not receive this email, please contact:

IoD Academy course materials

4. I have just booked onto a course. How soon will I have access to the IoD Academy?

 • As soon as your course booking has been processed by the IoD, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the IoD Academy. Please follow these instructions
 • If you do not receive this email, please contact and they will provide you with instructions

5. Where do I find the course materials on the IoD Academy?

 • Once you’ve logged in, click the ‘Learn’ button
 • On the drop-down menu, click on ‘Courses’
 • The course/s you have been booked on to or have attended will appear on the main area of the page
 • Click ‘View’ to open up the course area and access the course information and materials
 • If you are enrolled onto a course and it does not appear on this page, please email: 

6. What course materials do I get access to?

 • Before the course starts, you will have access to the course overview, syllabus, competencies and course leader profiles
 • One week before the course starts, you will be able to access to handbook and slides
 • On the day after the course finishes, you will get access to the handouts, exam preparation materials and post-course evaluation

7. Do I have pre-reading to do?

 • Only the Strategy for Directors course and Accelerated Certificate in Company Direction have pre-reading and pre-course work to complete
 • For all other courses, reading the course information and materials is recommended but not compulsory

8. What courses do I have access to?

 • You only have access to courses that you have booked or have attended

9. How long can I view the courses for?

 • You will have access to the course materials for two years from the date you attended the course. After two years, access to the course materials will automatically cease
 • If you have booked to attend the Diploma course, Developing Board Performance, you will regain access to the Certificate materials as well as the Diploma course for a period of two years
 • When you achieve the Chartered Director qualification you will have access to the Certificate and Diploma materials indefinitely as long as you retain your CDir status (for more information go to:

10. I would like to complete another course or qualification. How would I do this? 

 • If you would like to enrol on to another course, please call 020 7766 2602 or email

Exam preparation

11. Where can I find exam preparation materials?

 • Exam preparation materials are in each of the course areas
 • Click the ‘Learn’ button and then select ‘Courses’ from the drop–down menu
 • Click the ‘View’ button on the relevant course
 • When the course area opens, select ‘Exam Preparation’ on the right hand side to open the exam preparation materials

12. What exam preparation materials do I get access to?

 • Assessment criteria: Outline how each section of the course syllabus will be assessed in the exam. The criteria are based on the learning outcomes in the handbook. You can use these criteria to help guide your revision
 • Practice questions: a set of 12 to 16 multiple choice practice exam questions which are available to complete as an online quiz or a downloadable PDF
 • Exam preparation webinar: during the one-hour webinar, you will listen to an IoD course leader talk through a further set of sample exam questions and go through the logic behind each correct answer and the explanations for the incorrect answers
 • There is a further set of practice questions for Leadership, Governance and Finance in the ‘Handouts’ section of each course area. Further practice questions for Strategy will shortly be available

13. How do I transfer/postpone my exam?

 • To transfer, postpone or cancel your exam, please email

14. How do I book an exam?

 • Email and you will receive an autoreply that includes the booking form for the exam
 • Please complete this form and send back to
 • If you have any questions, just email

Learning Zone

15. Why am I not able to access the IoD Learning Zone?

 • The Learning Zone was replaced by the IoD Academy on 30 June 2018. The Learning Zone URL automatically redirects to the IoD Academy ( with instructions on how to get started on the IoD Academy

16. Why was the Learning Zone replaced by the IoD Academy?

 • The IoD Academy was created to support continuous professional development, enhance qualification and course learning and provide exam preparation. The IoD Academy has additional features not included on the Learning Zone, such as enhanced course materials and the ability to connect with other course delegates.  Additionally, if you are an IoD member, the IoD Academy enables you to assess and develop your directorial competence and provides continuous learning through bite-size online learning content

17. I’m trying to locate the true/false revision quiz questions that used to be attached to each course topic on the Learning Zone. Where are they?

 • These quiz questions are currently being reviewed and updated as part of our content review process. We will be replacing them with new revision quizzes shortly
 • To best support your exam preparation we recommend working through the three sets of practice exam questions available. You will find one set of practice questions in the ‘Handouts’ section of the course area, another set in the ‘Exam Preparation’ section and a third set in the Exam Preparation webinar

IoD Academy features

18. How does the CPD tracker work?

 • The CPD tracker records any content you have accessed in the IoD Academy. If you click the ‘Add CPD Activity’ button below the graph, you can choose which pieces of content you want to add to your CPD log
 • The graph will reflect the CPD activities you have completed and they will also be displayed beneath the competency categories listed below the graph
 • You can use the CPD tracker to log CPD that you have completed outside of the IoD Academy
 • You can set your goals and reflect on your learning as you progress through the year using the sections at the bottom of the screen

19. What are the weekly themes?

 • Each week our learning team selects a standard from the IoD Director Competency Framework as the theme for the week and publishes a collection of bite-sized learning content around it
 • There will always be a poll and a quiz each week, along with articles and a video or podcast
 • These items will also appear in your ‘Recommended’ section. The items recommended for you will depend on the interests you specify during your self-assessment. The ‘Trending’ section shows you which content other users on the IoD Academy are engaging with

20. Where is the self-assessment tool and how do I use it?

 • The self-assessment tool can be found under the Benchmark tab
 • The tool will ask you to rate your level of confidence against all of the standards in the Director Competency Framework. It will also ask how interested you are in each of these areas. There are a number of screens to work through so do set aside around 20 minutes for this
 • Completing your self-assessment will achieve two things:
     ◦ You will receive a competency profile summary which provides an overview of your strengths and development areas
     ◦ The content you will see on the Recommended page in the Learn section will reflect your self-assessment, giving you tailored content that is particularly relevant to you

21. What is ‘Connect’?

 • The Connect section of the Academy is a dedicated area for delegates who are studying for a qualification with the IoD
 • You will be able to have online conversations with your fellow course delegates to keep in touch with them and get ongoing peer support during and following your course

22. How do I get access to the other content on the IoD Academy?

 • IoD members will have access all of the content and features on the Academy, other than the course materials. These are only available to delegates who have booked onto the corresponding course
 • If you would like to join the IoD and gain full access to the Academy, you can find out more about membership at
 • If you would like to take a course, you can find out more about our training portfolio in the ‘Courses’ section of the Academy.  

23. What happens after my free trial ends?

 • You will receive a notification shortly before your free trial is due to end.
 • When your trial expires, your access to all of the member content and features on the Academy will cease. To continue your access, you can purchase an IoD membership here: