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Committees of the board

Audit and risk committee

The audit and risk committee is a committee of the board whose function is to monitor and review the integrity of the institute’s financial statements and challenge the governance, risk management and internal controls system of the institute and review their effectiveness.

Chris Walton - Chairman
John Watson
Andrew Rinker
Jim Jordan Finance Director (attends)
Stephen Martin - Director General (attends)

Remuneration committee

The remuneration committee is responsible for developing and maintaining a formal and transparent procedure for policies on remuneration. It advises on the compensation and terms of employment for senior members of staff and executive directors.

Suzy Walton
Chris Walton
Kirsty Lloyd-Jukes
Stephen Martin - Director General (attends)

Membership committee

The membership committee is responsible for advising on membership, diversity, member services provided by the IoD, and matters of membership conduct.

Ann Jordan Chairman,
Garry Smith
Adam Soliman
Gerry Jones
John Knapton
Josephine Swinhoe

Accreditation and standards committee

The accreditation and standards committee is responsible for approving standards/competencies required of directors and boards and the methods by which directors can be assessed on these. It is also responsible for independent assurance of the chartered director programme and ensures all current activity is reflected in the academic regulations.

Suzy Walton - Chairman
James Gambrell
Robert Smith
Giorgio Bendoni
Suzy Brain England

Assessment committee

The assessment committee is a sub-committee of the accreditation and standards committee. The committee is ultimately responsible for the overall quality assurance of chartered director examination and assessment processes and ensures that standards are maintained and candidates receive reliable and fair results.

Mick Walker - Chairman
Christine Brown
Graham Hudson
John Kerr

Brexit Steering Committee

Stephen Martin - Chairman
Rick Denton
Brian Hall
Emma Sheldon
Nick Sturge
Colin Coffey
Peter Hillier