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99 Bites



The good, the bad and the ugly...

Every week we interview a 99er to get their top tips and insights from a start-up angle.

If you are a 99er and you would like to take part in a video, please do get in touch! We would love to chat with you!

IoD99Bites: Episode 38 - Empowering employees through diversity in the workplace

IoD99Bites: Episode 39 - Digital literacy for women

IoD99Bites: Episode 34 - Community impact

IoD99Bites: Episode 35 - Overcoming the challenges of digital branding

IoD99Bites: Episode 36 - Understanding your target audience through social media

IoD99Bites: Episode 37 - Managing change within corporations

IoD99Bites: Episode 33 - The importance of valuing and retaining your talent

IoD99Bites: Episode 32 - Critical conversations

IoD99Bites: Episode 30 - Access to finance for female founders

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 7

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 6

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 5

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 4

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 3

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 2

IoD99Bites - International Women's Day 2018 part 1

IoD99Bites: Episode 29 - Millennial technology and app development

IoD99Bites: Episode 28 - Happiness, engagement, and mental health in the workplace

IoD99 Bonus Bites: What will the Budget 2017 mean for start-ups?

IoD99Bites: Episode 27 - Alex and Tej chat to Seena from Splash Creative

IoD99Bites: Episode 26 - Manisha from NoshPod stops in to chat with Alex and Jamie

IoD99Bites: Episode 25 - Alex and Jamie meet Victoria from Bolst Global

IoD99Bites: Episode 24 - Alex & Jamie meet Charlie from creative comms consultancy 1948

IoD99Bites: Episode 23 - Alex & Jamie catch up with Naomi Jane from A Life Less Ordinary Wanted

IoD99Bites: Episode 22 - Alex & Jamie meet Mike from Skills Hive

IoD 99 Bonus Bites: Lesson in collaboration from Bread & Jam Festival

IoD99Bites: Episode 21 - Alex and Jamie chat to Christine Locher

IoD99Bites: Episode 20 - Alex and Jamie meet David from Recursyv

IoD99Bites Episode 19: Alex meets Cinthya of Change Differently

IoD99 Bites in Belfast: Alex meets 99er Joanne from Optimise

IoD99Bites in Belfast: Alex meets John to discuss his early-stage start-up idea

IoD99Bites Episode 18: Alex & Jamie meet Alessia before she launches Grumgo

IoD99Bites Episode 17: Alex & Ed chat to Patrick Rea of Freeman Transformations

IoD99 Bites in Belfast: Alex meets 99er Jonathan from Covato

IoD99Bites Episode 16: Alex & Jamie meet Tim De La Salle of marketing agency Fly Marketing

IoD99Bites Episode 15: Alex & Jamie meet Pritesh Mody of World of Zing

IoD99Bites Episode 14: Alex & Jamie welcome Sue Sharpe from SharpeTalk, to discuss public speaking

IoD99Bites Episode 13 - Alex & Donjeta chat to Cathy Wood, founder of a sports social media agency

IoD99 Bites: Alex & Jamie give a snap analysis of the June Election result & chat to Merje Shaw

IoD99 Bites: Alex is joined by IoD's Head of Media Relations, Edwin Morgan and Andy from 8Arc

IoD99 Bites: Alex & Jamie are joined by entrepreneur and travel guru Julia Fintz

IoD99 Bites: Alex leads the weekly round-up with Jamie and guest 99er Angela Bradbury

IoD99 Bites: Donjeta with the weekly round-up alongside Alex and guest 99er Aimen Chouchane

IoDBonusBites 2 with Alex Mitchell and Andy Silvester

IoD99 Bites: Entrepreneur round-up with Jamie Kerr & IoD99-er Linsay Duncan

IoD99 Bites: Entrepreneur round-up with Andy Silvester & IoD99-er Laura Munoz

IoDBonusBites: Alex Mitchell is joined by IoD's deputy head of Policy Andy Silvester

IoD99 Bites: Jamie Kerr reviews the week, with Ella Barrington discussing STEM start-ups

IoD99 Bites: Donjeta Miftari reviews the week, with Ferron Gray discussing Mental Health

IoD99 Bites: Michael Martins touches on inflation and employment with Sacha Atherton

IoD99 Bites: Jamie Kerr reviews the week for start-ups, with Sheetal Gill on the UK gig economy