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99 benefits

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Welcome to the IoD 99 community

It is fantastic to have you on board! We want you to get the most out of your membership and therefore encourage you to use and make the most of your benefits over the coming 12 months!

Our 99 Community  Hub has arrived!

We are very excited to introduce our brand new 99 Hub which brings together everything you need to know about our community! This is the new home of IoD 99 member directory where you can get your business in front of 30,000 other directors. 99 members will also be able to view and access our High Fives, 99 Bites, 99 events and information on government support for startups and small businesses. 

Visit our 99 Hub

Looking for support and help?

You now have access to our community of amazing founders who are running start-ups in all major sectors from across the UK. We can provide guidance based on our own experiences and we are really proud of the massive amounts of added value that we, as 99ers, give each other, on a daily basis.

Need a fantastic place to work from?

As a 99er, you can visit all IoD Premises up and down the country (including the IoD's Headquarters at 116 Pall Mall); which all have flexible working and meeting spaces, 24 days per calendar year.

Need to unwind? You also get unlimited access to the IoD Wine bar at 116 Pall Mall after 4pm!

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What about business intelligence and advice?

We’ve got your back! Gain free access to the award-winning Information and Advisory Service (IAS) where you can perform 12 searches a year from the Business Information Service. You'll also receive 12 calls to the legal advice helpline & 12 calls to the tax advice helpline. The IAS can help you with any business-related query, from market research and tax and legal help, to confidential advisory sessions. On top of this you'll also gain access to information and resources on everything you need to start-up and grow.

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Networking? We have you covered.

Join us at free IoD 99 socials up and down the country where you will get the chance to give a micro pitch on your business to fellow 99ers and the wider IoD membership. In addition to this you have full access to the IoD event calendar which includes hundreds of events on a huge range of topics.

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They say knowledge is power…

You can now receive free morning news round-ups from the IoD press team. These will drop into your inbox at 8am every weekday, giving you a succinct update on current business and political news which you can read on the go.

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We see membership being similar to running your business in the sense that you will get more out if you put more in. Our community can only ever be as strong as the proactivity of all of us and we hope that together we can continue to build a really supportive network that, crucially, provides strong value-add to all us founders, and helps us to scale our own businesses. So engage with us and your fellow 99ers, attend events and use the services available to you – you won’t regret it! 

And if you need anything else, don’t hesitate to get in touch!