IoD Members' Dress Code

Dear Members,

After careful consideration of external factors, member feedback and data collated during the pilot, we have decided to extend the dress code pilot. We have noticed from the feedback received during the first three months of the pilot that many members were not aware that the only major difference between the previous dress code and the pilot dress code was that trainers and t-shirts were now permitted. The one exception to this is the Restaurant where men previously were required to wear jackets and jeans were not permitted.

During the pilot our members demonstrated that they dressed appropriately for their professional activities. However, the unprecedented hot summer did see far more shorts worn than normally seen within 116 Pall Mall. Therefore, we have chosen to extend the trial to ensure that members are comfortable with the pilot during the non-summer months and also gauge greater response from our members.

We are still very much interested in your feedback. Should you have any comments, please communicate this to us by email via, or by letter to Member Relations, Membership Services Department, Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED.