How to qualify as a Chartered Director

There are three distinct learning and assessment stages comprising the Chartered Director award:

  1. The Certificate in Company Direction (Cert IoD)
  2. The Diploma in Company Direction (Dip IoD)
  3. The Chartered Director (Peer) Interview 

These stages allow you to demonstrate:

  • Your understanding of the role of a director, and the role of the board across four broad learning modules followed by the Certificate examination
  • Your application of your knowledge and your experience through the Diploma examination, and finally
  • The demonstration of your significant experience as a director in five key areas, evidenced through interview by two peer reviewers, and supported by a portfolio which documents your directorial role(s)

Please see The Guide to becoming a Chartered Director for further details.       

Stage 1 - The Certificate in Company Direction       

There are several routes offered for the Certificate programme:

For all routes, the certificate examination is compulsory for delegates wishing to proceed to the Diploma and then to Chartered Director.       

Stage 2 - The Diploma in Company Direction

The Diploma in Company Direction provides an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from the Certificate in a realistic environment.

It comprises a mandatory three day Developing Board Performance exercise, where delegates run an organisation as its board. The programme encourages peer group support, challenge and discussion. in mirroring board activities, delegates will be faced with a number of issues and crises as they work through a period in the organisation's annual cycle and beyond. The programme is followed by the mandatory Diploma examination.       

Stage 3 - Chartered Director       

Chartered Director is about your experience as a director, which is assessed by two peer directors (professional review interviewers) and based on a portfolio of experience. It requires some preparatory work and reflection on the experience that has been gained over a specified period of time. The IoD supports delegates through the process, through workshops and feedback prior to interview.

You must have passed both the Certificate and Diploma examinations in order to apply for Chartered Director.

To ascertain whether you qualify, check if you satisfy the eligibility criteria to enable you to register for Chartered Director.

As a first step you will need to register, by completing application and eligibility forms.

If you wish to progress to Chartered Director status, you must first register via the application form. Candidates outside of the UK should contact for the relevant form. Chartered Director Registration costs £600 plus VAT in addition to the course and examination fees required for the Certificate and Diploma stages of the programme. To receive more details on how to become a Chartered Director, please contact us at:

Chartered Director is a professional qualification, therefore you are required to formally register in order to undertake it. The registration and eligibility forms enable us, at an early stage, to review your details against our criteria.

You must also provide a proposer and this may be a colleague or professional advisor or an IoD member.

If you are interested in applying, please contact the Chartered Director team on +44 (0)20 7766 8951, or

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Further information       

The Guide to becoming a Chartered Director gives detailed information on the interview process and for further advice on completing your portfolio.