Chartered Director - the professional qualification for directors

Chartered Director

Benefits to you and your organisation

Chartered Directors have a dramatic and positive effect on the success of their organisations and are able to:

  • Demonstrate to shareholders, stakeholders, clients and customers that their organisation is professional and successful.
  • Operate at a strategic and tactical level to establish and sustain growth.
  • Appreciate all aspects of effective business leadership and sound corporate governance.
  • Improve the board's effectiveness and their personal contribution.
  • Enhance their career prospects as an executive director or non-executive director.

Our Chartered Directors

A list of current Chartered Directors, which is updated twice a year. 

Honorary Chartered Directors 

The title of Honorary Chartered Director has been awarded to the distinguished individuals, who have supported Chartered Director vigorously.

Our Chartered Ambassadors

Our Chartered Directors in the Regions, who have dedicated time to actively supporting the qualification and those who hold it.


Commendations and endorsements from organisations and companies.

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