Policy and Parliamentary Affairs Team

Here you will find the profiles of the key individuals in the IoD Policy & Parliamentary Affairs team. They are always keen to hear the views and experiences of IoD members and can be contacted by e-mail.




James Sproule

Chief Economist and Director of Policy

E: James Sproule

Roger Barker

Director of Corporate Governance

E: Roger Barker

Allie Renison

Head of Europe & Trade Policy

E: Allie Renison

Andy Silvester

Head of Campaigns

E: Andy Silvester

Dan Lewis

Senior Adviser - Infrastructure Policy

E: Dan Lewis

Edwin Morgan

Head of Media Relations

E: Edwin Morgan

Hayley Martin

Policy Unit Co-ordinator 

E: Hayley Martin

Ingrid Farmer

Head of Policy Operations and Policy Voice

E: Ingrid Farmer

Jake Cordell

Communications Officer

E: Jake Cordell

Jamie Kerr

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

E: Jamie Kerr

Jimmy McLoughlin

Deputy Head of Policy

E: Jimmy McLoughlin

Michael Martins


E: Michael Martins

Oliver Parry

Senior Corporate Governance Adviser

E: Oliver Parry

Samuel Emden

Special Advisor to the Director General

E: Samuel Emden

Seamus Nevin

Head of Employment and Skills Policy

E: Seamus Nevin

Stephen Herring

Head of Taxation

E: Stephen Herring

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