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  • Setting up a customer care programme

    An action list to be used when setting up a customer care programme

    03 February 2016

  • Performance management resources Performance management resources is locked

    Links to resources about employee appraisals, employee motivation, rewarding performance, and coaching and mentoring your staff.

    01 February 2016

  • Communicating with your employees

    This action list outlines how you can communicate with your employees, giving them the information they need

    29 January 2016

  • How to prepare your CV How to prepare your CV is locked

    The objective of the CV is to get a meeting. The interview, not the CV, gets the job. The CV is the door opener. It should create an impression in the minds of readers that they may well be able to solve their problem by employing YOU. They must be persuaded to see you.

    04 January 2016

  • How to conduct a performance appraisal

    An action list on how to conduct a performance appraisal

    21 December 2015

  • Creating a valuable business Creating a valuable business is locked

    Hundreds of everyday actions affect the performance of your business, whether you are negotiating a sale, recruiting an employee or complaining to a supplier. Much of the working day is spent reacting to events, making small decisions that have a short-term impact. In contrast, creating a valuable business is about taking strategic decisions that have a lasting effect. This is easier said than done. But for many directors, particularly those who own a share of the business, it must be the ultimate aim. This briefing outlines how growth and security contribute to a valuable business, the major opportunities for creating and increasing value, and how to protect the value of your business.

    26 November 2015

  • New product development New product development is locked

    A ‘new product’ can actually be a product or a service. For instance, it could be a revolutionary mobile app, or a new holiday package put together by a travel agent. This briefing focuses on what to do once you’ve a new product idea. This briefing outlines reducing the risks as early as possible, setting a spec then a price and a schedule, and running the project team and keeping costs under control.

    25 November 2015

  • Buying another business - Strategic acquisitions Buying another business - Strategic acquisitions is locked

    Buying another business could significantly add to your profitability by allowing you to take advantage of new economies of scale, or areas, adding to your product range or services. You might be able to grow your customer base by reaching new markets or add valuable knowledge and experience to your existing team. But buying another business can be very challenging, it can even prove to be a drain on your existing financial and management resources. You must work out whether buying another business will add value to your existing business, after allowing for associated costs. To be worthwhile, the business you buy must bring benefits that make a real difference to your overall profits. This briefing outlines the arguments for buying another business, how to use an acquisition to expand your business, how to reduce costs and risks when buying another business, and common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

    24 November 2015

  • ISO 9000 ISO 9000 is locked

    ISO 9000 is a family of standards that can help your business maintain quality in its products and services. Introducing a quality management system based on ISO 9000 can drive improvements in your key business processes. You may also choose to introduce ISO 9000 in response to customer demands for a quality management system. This briefing outlines the practical benefits of using a quality system, how to introduce a quality system, and how to achieve ISO 9001:2015, the standard against which you can be certified.

    23 November 2015

  • Managing your sales team Managing your sales team is locked

    Getting the most out of your sales team is essential if you are going to achieve your company’s full potential. But it’s not always easy. Sales people operate in a stressful environment where they are exposed to rejection and frustration. Effective organisation and motivation of the team is vital. This briefing outlines: getting the right sales people, planning and monitoring the sales effort, allocating account management responsibilities, and motivating and rewarding the team.

    20 November 2015

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