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  • Appointing directors

    The process of appointing directors raises two kinds of issues: legal requirements; and recruitment issues relating to appointments at this level.

    27 March 2015

  • Controls over directors' powers

    The powers given to the board by a company are wide-ranging. This briefing outlines what controls are attached to these powers.

    27 March 2015

  • Directors' duties and responsibilities

    The board of directors of a company is primarily responsible for: determining the company’s strategic objectives and policies; monitoring progress towards achieving the objectives and policies; appointing senior management; accounting for the company’s activities to relevant parties, e.g. shareholders.

    27 March 2015

  • Removing directors

    The office of director may be vacated by statute, his / her death, or under a provision in either the Articles of Association of the company or a Shareholders Agreement.

    27 March 2015

  • The role of the Non-Executive Director

    Essentially the non-executive director's role is to provide a creative contribution to the board by providing objective criticism.

    27 March 2015

  • Selecting non-executive directors

    Common to many boards of directors and shareholders, is a growing acceptance that non-executive directors have a valued and necessary role to play in maximising board effectiveness.

    27 March 2015

  • Director's Service Agreement

    An executive director has certain rights and obligations arising as an employee as well as a director of a company.

    26 March 2015

  • Letter of Appointment for NED

    Details of what information is usually included in a letter of appointment.

    26 March 2015

  • Differences between directors and managers

    There are many fundamental differences between being a director and a manager. It’s not simply a trivial matter of getting a new job title and a bigger office.

    09 March 2015

  • The role of the Finance Director

    The role of the finance director varies according to the size of the company involved. However, in general, he or she oversees all financial aspects of company strategy and is responsible for the flow of financial information to the chief executive, the board and, where necessary, external parties such as investors or financial institutions.

    09 March 2015