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  • The role of the Chief Operating Officer

    The main purpose of a Chief Operating Officer is to direct and control all organizational operations in accordance with the strategy and business plans agreed by the Chief Executive and Board to ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met. This briefing covers the main purpose, accountabilities, plus knowledge skills and experience required.

    09 July 2015

  • Cyber Security Cyber Security is locked

    This briefing covers the threat of cyber attacks to UK business, what they can do and how they can find companies to help them mitigate the threat.

    17 June 2015

  • What is a director?

    An overview of what a director is, what the role involves, legal requirements and restrictions for companies to have directors, legal duties of directors, and key attributes of effective directors.

    17 June 2015

  • How to prepare your CV How to prepare your CV is locked

    The objective of the CV is to get a meeting. The interview, not the CV, gets the job. The CV is the door opener. It should create an impression in the minds of readers that they may well be able to solve their problem by employing YOU. They must be persuaded to see you.

    15 June 2015

  • Should I incorporate or not Should I incorporate or not is locked

    Advisory factsheet. For someone starting off in business working for themselves for the first time, one of the early questions to resolve is 'should I work through a company or as a sole trader?' There is no simple answer to this question as there are both advantages and disadvantages. This factsheet does not attempt to provide an ideal solution, but to set out the technical differences that should be borne in mind when making the choice.

    04 June 2015

  • UK company trading disclosure requirements UK company trading disclosure requirements is locked

    Advisory factsheet on UK company details on letterheads, websites etc. Provides a summary of the requirements under the regulations for The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015.

    04 June 2015

  • How to comply with the Bribery Act 2010 How to comply with the Bribery Act 2010  is locked

    This briefing looks at the Beribery Act 2010 - what constitutes a bribe, enforcement, penalties and guidance on compliance and reporting

    02 June 2015

  • Ecuador Ecuador is locked

    Links to useful organisations and guidance on doing business in Sweden, includes corporate governance information

    02 June 2015

  • How many managers and directors are there in the UK? How many managers and directors are there in the UK? is locked

    The IoD’s Business Information Service is often asked about the number of managers or directors in the UK; there is very limited research available on this topic, but we have collected together the available key data in this briefing.

    02 June 2015

  • Employed or self employed Employed or self employed is locked

    Advisory factsheet on the complexities of taxation law -it can be very difficult sometimes to decide whether or not one is employed or self-employed. The implications can be expensive both for the employer and the employee if subsequently it is found that the position was not as first thought, so it is important to examine all the factors carefully at the start to assess the position. It is for you to consider also whether you wish to claim to be self-employed; while there are certain savings arising out of being self-employed, such as lower National Insurance costs and greater tax deductibility of expenses, these have to be weighed against the loss of social security benefits, and the rights that individuals have as employees.

    01 June 2015

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