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  • Issues to consider when buying a franchise

    A briefing on what to consider when buying a franchise. Includes where to find franchising opportunites, benefits and pitfalls and information on franchise agreements.

    01 October 2014

  • Discrimination Discrimination is locked

    This briefing explains which areas of discrimination are covered by law, what discrimination is, how to avoid unintentional discrimination and what to do if there is a case against you.

    01 October 2014

  • An email policy for your employees An email policy for your employees is locked

    Every business that uses email needs a clear email policy. This helps prevent timewasting, protects data security and minimises the risk of legal problems. This briefing outlines key elements to include in your email policy, plus how to implement and enforce the policy.

    01 October 2014

  • Employment law: the basics Employment law: the basics is locked

    This briefing outlines recruitment; terms and conditions; employee rights; and what to do when things go wrong.

    01 October 2014

  • Graduate recruitment Graduate recruitment is locked

    Most businesses would like to benefit from an influx of talent, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. The challenge is to achieve it at an acceptable cost. One option is to employ a recent graduate. This briefing outlines: The pros and cons of employing a recent graduate; deciding on the sort of graduate you want, and coming up with an offer; recruiting a graduate; and retaining a graduate.

    01 October 2014

  • Health and safety Health and safety is locked

    This briefing provides a broad overview of how to approach health and safety issues. It covers your responsibilities and the key areas you need to consider.

    01 October 2014

  • Incentive pay Incentive pay is locked

    Productivity and high standards are important to you. Recognition and encouragement are important to employees. Incentive pay is a way for you and your employees to achieve results. A good incentive pay scheme can motivate employees to work better for your business. A badly thought-out scheme, on the other hand, can be divisive and demoralising. This briefing outlines: How to set objectives; the types of scheme to consider; and how to ensure your scheme works.

    01 October 2014

  • Intellectual property Intellectual property is locked

    This briefing explains what you need to do about intellectual property (IP) and how patents, design right and registration, copyright and trade marks work.

    01 October 2014

  • An internet policy for your employees An internet policy for your employees is locked

    The internet is essential for doing business. However, it can also be a great way for employees to waste time, cause security issues or give you legal headaches. A well thought-out internet policy can help you enjoy the benefits of the internet while reducing the pitfalls. It ensures employees use the internet effectively, states what is and is not allowed, and sets up procedures to minimise risks This briefing outlines the main elements to include in your internet policy, plus how to implement and enforce this policy.

    01 October 2014

  • Minimum wage and statutory pay obligations Minimum wage and statutory pay obligations is locked

    This briefing covers: National Minimum Wage; statutory maternity pay and maternity allowance; statutory paternity and adoption pay; and statutory sick pay.

    01 October 2014