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  • Employee share schemes

    Share schemes can be effective in linking the interests of the business and employees, as well as encouraging long-term commitment from your staff. Grants of shares through HMRC approved Employee Share Schemes will be tax advantageous. This briefing looks at the different types of Share Schemes which are available.

    11 July 2014

  • How to manage absenteeism

    An action list to help with managing absenteeism

    03 July 2014

  • Employees who work from home Employees who work from home is locked

    This briefing outlines which jobs and individuals best suit homeworking, key managment issues, benefits and risks and the technology involved.

    01 July 2014

  • Employment law: the basics Employment law: the basics is locked

    This briefing outlines recruitment; terms and conditions; employee rights; and what to do when things go wrong.

    01 July 2014

  • Law on flexible working Law on flexible working is locked

    This briefing outlines: The different types of flexible working; who qualifies to apply for flexible working; how to handle requests to work flexibly; and what you need to do to introduce new working arrangements.

    01 July 2014

  • Overdrafts and bank loans Overdrafts and bank loans is locked

    This briefing focuses on: deciding which form of financing to use; minimising the cost of financing; and security.

    01 July 2014

  • Rights for working parents and carers Rights for working parents and carers is locked

    This briefing sets out your employees’ rights and your duties towards them. It covers: ordinary maternity leave and additional maternity leave; paternity leave, additional paternity leave and adoption leave; leave for parents; time off for dependants, such as carer leave; and how to avoid the legal pitfalls.

    01 July 2014

  • Subsidised and guaranteed loans Subsidised and guaranteed loans is locked

    This briefing covers: the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme; which business activities are most likely to qualify for other supported loan schemes; how to apply; and an overview of the major schemes.

    01 July 2014

  • Working time regulations Working time regulations is locked

    This briefing covers: the rules governing working hours, rest periods, annual leave and night work under the working time regulations; how to keep your paperwork in order; and how the regulations are enforced.

    01 July 2014

  • Business law and using a solicitor

    This briefing for start ups provides an overview of some of the key aspects of business law that may affect you; outlines the principles of contracts and how to use them to your advantage; highlights the key trading laws you need to be aware of; explains how to choose and use a solicitor.

    01 July 2014