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  • The Role of the Trustee in a Charity

    A briefing to provide details of the role of a trustee and what duties, responsibilities and liabilities may apply. Includes sections on the legal definitions and who can be a trustee.

    27 April 2016

  • Corporate Governance - better business

    This page compiles IoD resource on corporate governance and better business, and offers links to further information and request functions for job descriptions and template contracts and agreements. Subjects includes the duties and responsibilities of a director, the role of the board, non-executive directors, the company secretary, the difference between directors and managers.

    20 April 2016

  • Setting up a Board Setting up a Board is locked

    Guidance on setting up a new board of directors for a company.

    19 April 2016

  • Living, working and doing business abroad Living, working and doing business abroad is locked

    Guidance and resources for importing & exporting, doing buiness abroad / trading overseas, living and working abroad

    11 April 2016

  • Doing business in the United States of America Doing business in the United States of America is locked

    Links to useful organisations and guidance on doing business in the United States of America (USA), includes corporate governance information

    08 April 2016

  • Cyber Security Cyber Security is locked

    This briefing covers the threat of cyber attacks to UK business, what they can do and how they can find companies to help them mitigate the threat.

    23 March 2016

  • EU Referendum

    The Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that a Referendum on Britain’s future membership of the European Union will be held on Thursday June 23rd 2016. This is after negotiated changes to Britain’s membership of the European Union. This briefing provides an brief overview of the pros and cons, linking to more in-depth articles and further sources.

    18 March 2016

  • Pay and benefits resources

    This briefing links to information and guidance on pay and benefits

    14 March 2016

  • Tax position of Non-Executive Directors Tax position of Non-Executive Directors is locked

    This briefing looks at the tax position of Non-Executive Directors (NXD’s) and their liability for income tax and National Insurance contributions, which must be deducted at source by the company through the PAYE System (in effect treating NXD’s as employees).

    11 March 2016

  • Tax and National Insurance for start-ups

    This briefing for start-ups explains; What taxes will affect your business; What can be claimed as business expenses; How to calculate National Insurance (NI) payments and how to pay less tax

    11 March 2016

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