Growth Accelerator

An innovative £200 million programme to help up to 26,000 of England’s brightest businesses achieve their ambition and potential, as well as creating 55,000 high-value jobs has been launched by Business Secretary Vince Cable.

Growth Accelerator is available for companies with genuine potential for rapid and sustainable growth. The new partnership between the private sector and Government will see proven business experts working with companies to identify their barriers to growth and ways to overcome them. This will be on issues such as securing finance, commercialising innovation or developing leadership and management capability.

Growth Accelerator

“Coaching can be a great boost to a business, and in these tough economic times the knowledge this scheme will pass on will make the crucial difference for many. This premium service, led by the private sector, comes at a vital time for the growth of the economy and we are very keen to play our part.” 

DG Simon Walker

We have been involved from the outset with former Director General (DG) , Miles Templeman endorsing the syndicate's bid back in 2011. We are working with GA to both support their own launch events around the country as well as finding IoD events at which the offering can be publicised.

We are also creating bespoke training for successful company director participants, including an offer of membership of the IoD. Articles have appeared in our local Regional and Branch newsletters in support, with many regional directors joining the GA local Advisory Commissions.

Achieving 20 per cent growth year on year is the hallmark of high growth businesses. The programme is designed to support a wide variety of businesses and it doesn't matter what stage of growth you're at; it's a unique opportunity, so take a look.

Growth Accelerator

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"The UK boasts vibrant small and medium sized businesses that have the chance to become the household names of tomorrow. With targeted support we are giving entrepreneurs a fantastic opportunity to take their businesses forward to succeed both here and abroad. I look forward to seeing what this great programme helps them achieve in the future.

Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable