The Guildford Breakfast Club

The Refectory at Guildford Cathedral
25 January 2013
07:00 - 08:59
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The Guildford (8:59) Breakfast Club
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The purpose of these breakfasts is to enable people to shape and lead their business or businesses better in all respects not only through their role as chief sales person.

Put another way, these breakfast events exist and are structured to help people to work on their business not in their business.

At each session work is undertaken together round small tables of just five people to tackle a very specific task relevant to building and leading an organisation well in a way that fits it for the future. 

What is special about this approach is that it works very effectively in building genuine mutual insight, rapport and trust. This in turn enables people, quite naturally, to want to “scan” the wider world on behalf of each other. This is when the notion of networking begins to have real meaning.

If you have not been to an “IoD Guildford Breakfast” before do give one a try soon. Bring your ambition, generosity, curiosity, wisdom and enthusiasm with you but leave your leaflets in their cupboard.   What you will get are some really good conversations and just one or two fresh ideas or actions to try out immediately.


Guildford GU2 7UP
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